Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Are Always Dreaming

A poem by Laurence Holden


We are always dreaming,
the good life, the bad life,
the life not lived.

In our ceremonies
we mark our bodies
with the signs of our dreams,
flames and crosses and circles.

Wearing our dream marks
we carry our whole lives
into the country of our days.

We must do this - keep it up,
this dreaming into our waking country,
keep it going, keep it safe,
even into the desert of our selves.

- Laurence Holden, 3/09

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Post from Cyndi Crocket

What keeps me up at night:

I envision a beautiful world, where unconditional love, authenticity, peace, awareness, sharing, caring, creativity, freedom and contribution are pillar values. A world where we truly love ourselves and deeply love one another, thereby fulfilling each other’s inherent need for acceptance and survival. A global society which cherishes our earth mother and reverence for all the life that she sustains.

I envision a gold standard of achievement and success based on what we contribute to the beauty of our world, through our gifts, talents and passions. A simpler life, one of value and contribution in being who we are as children of the Universe living in wonder. A world that thrives synchronistically as a result of living in harmony with natural laws and the core essence of our being through our natural creativity. A culture that reveres natural and physical laws, and serves our brothers and sisters as we are all one. A society that encourages and fosters creativity rather than conformity. A world that we create through giving back more than we take.

I envision an abundant garden of Eden right here, right now. Heaven on earth. Join me in this vision, and let’s co-create a beautiful world. It is simple, really. It all begins with me, you and the awareness of choices we make in each moment to fulfill our purpose for being here on this planet at this particular moment in time; an opportunity to heal our world through our acts of love and contribution. It begins with loving ourselves first and then emanating that love outwards to others. Let us create this wave of love right here, right now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

We are always dreaming...

We are in a time of dreaming now - dreaming the now, dreaming the future, dreaming the past anew. What are you dreaming into being now?

Lately I have been noticing how a lot of dreamers are having more and more similar dreams. Common themes or elements are appearing with more frequency, it seems. I have seen a few bicycle dreams, where there is some kind of struggle happening. I'm feeling like these bicycles have something to do with the place/time where two worlds, or two cycles are coming together, and the struggles we are going through with this transition. And there are several that involve some kind of haze or not being able to see clearly the way ahead, but needing to continue on the path anyway.

These are profound messages, in my experience of them - oh, and a friend told me that in her dream (which I was also in), there were words in the sky, saying "IT'S UP TO YOU" and "YOU CAN DO SOMETHING" (and she said it was the collective "you"). To me, this was a direct message to all of us, so relevant now in terms of consciously manifesting the world before us. My friend even said that she thought this dream was really for me.

Anyway - our dreams are so powerful. Our sleeping dreams come from a place of source or collective, often unimpaired by our conscious involvement, and can tell us so much. That said, our waking dreams have even more power, because our consciousness is added to them - the power of our will goes behind all our thoughts, whether we realize it or not. Makes me want to be so much more careful with my thoughts and words...

"Lake Dreaming" by Honor Woodard Oil on Birch 2006

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poem by Thomas Rain Crowe

May It Continue

May the brown earth and the green leaves
thrive in color and in grace.
May it continue.

May the clear air and the cumulocirrus clouds
be there in the sky and in each breath, always.
May it continue.

May the water made of sweet minerals and salt
in small streams and large rivers
flow forever and forever flow to the seas.
May it continue.

May the sun shine warm and bright
and the moon give light at night--shining from shook foil.
May it continue.

May the beautiful birds of Hawaii and
the luminous parrots of Peru fly far and fast
and may their number grow.
May it continue.

May the deer and the elk, the antelope and the ibis
move and migrate, leap and lope across plain
and wooded plateau.
May it continue.

May the whale and the dolphin and the manatee
swim deep in dark oceans and lagoons and sing.
May it continue.

May the elephants forever in families roam,
trunk to tail, trumpeting bliss.
May it continue.

May waves of warm frost linger in bush and blaze
that puts fire in the peat of loam. And let lick cry from ripe vine.
May it continue.

May the rose climb through
the cold murmur of morning dirt.
May dark mulch coax tendrils from sleep.
May it continue.

May wild words come flying from green coils and
may each breath rustle through the beard of blue moss
in the sound of song.
May it continue.

-Thomas Rain Crowe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


From Laurence Holden, Artist and Poet:

I want to say:

Poetry is the tongue of our nature spirit.
Images are the eyes of our nature spirit.
Heartbeat is the breath of our nature spirit.

Surely sewn we are
out of the wonder of this world.

- Laurence Holden