Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Post from Cyndi Crocket

What keeps me up at night:

I envision a beautiful world, where unconditional love, authenticity, peace, awareness, sharing, caring, creativity, freedom and contribution are pillar values. A world where we truly love ourselves and deeply love one another, thereby fulfilling each other’s inherent need for acceptance and survival. A global society which cherishes our earth mother and reverence for all the life that she sustains.

I envision a gold standard of achievement and success based on what we contribute to the beauty of our world, through our gifts, talents and passions. A simpler life, one of value and contribution in being who we are as children of the Universe living in wonder. A world that thrives synchronistically as a result of living in harmony with natural laws and the core essence of our being through our natural creativity. A culture that reveres natural and physical laws, and serves our brothers and sisters as we are all one. A society that encourages and fosters creativity rather than conformity. A world that we create through giving back more than we take.

I envision an abundant garden of Eden right here, right now. Heaven on earth. Join me in this vision, and let’s co-create a beautiful world. It is simple, really. It all begins with me, you and the awareness of choices we make in each moment to fulfill our purpose for being here on this planet at this particular moment in time; an opportunity to heal our world through our acts of love and contribution. It begins with loving ourselves first and then emanating that love outwards to others. Let us create this wave of love right here, right now.

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  1. Lovely post.......and vision. Let's continue to make it a reality.


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