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11/11/11 and the 11-Dimensional Universe Numbers, Dimensions, The Universe and the Multiverse

(Image above is one of the cards from John's wonderful Angelynx deck)

Good morning. This post comes from John Sacelli, whom I met a few years back in Chicago, where, among many other things, he facilitates conscious dreaming, soul circles and star logic (astrology). Enjoy!

"What is the meaning of 11/11/11? It is that we, primitive, pugilistic and petty, tiny beings, residing on an insignificant planet of a 3rd class star at the age of a galaxy of no particular import lost among millions of other galaxies in a universe among an infinite number of other universes in a multidimensional multiverse - - -

are being given the opportunity to know the secrets of All Creation. Everywhere. And Everywhen. And Everyone. Now. So let's start with Numbers. The Numbers One through Eleven

One. 1. A slash. Something emerges from Nothing. One. 1. One Alone. All One.
(Note that the glyph for 1 is the same as the glyph for I - I am One.)

Two. 2. Across from One is the Other. Together, they are Two. Polarity. Potential. Balance. The Alternative, The Mating.

Three. 3. When Two mate, they produce Three. Mother-Father-Child. Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. Three is generation, an arrow, purpose, creation.

Four. 4. Father-Mother-Son-Daughter completes the set. Four is stability. Two Two's crossing. Form vs Field crosses Spiritual (the Idea or Ideal) vs.Physical. Four creates the structure of the universe.

Five. 5. The Venus Star. The cross-section of the apple. Five points of extension, the shape of the Female Body. Five IS the Feminine,

Six. 6. Six is Sex. Turn a 6 on its side and you have the image of the penis. The Creative Force issuing forth from coiled up potential, seeking the Feminine. The sixth point of extension of the male body.

Seven. 7. The One is intercepted by another, but not as balance or crossing (the Two). Rather the 'other' merges at the 'head' of the 1. Seven is the Search for Knowledge. Self querying self - why have I (One) appeared, where have I come from, where am I bound.

Eight. 8. Eight is a Mobius Strip. An infinity symbol turned on its side. Eternity. The 'skin-side inside'. All things turning back on themselves, through themselves. It is thus Prosperity as it contains change (ate), the Past, within the Present. Eight is the Present. It is the gift, the blessing, the answer to 7's quest.

Nine. 9. Nine reverses 6. It is sex undone. Nine completes the cycle by reversing everything and returning it to the One, to the O, to the None. Nine is completion. Like the German 'nein', nine says no to all that has been. It is the universe ending.

Nothing. No-Thing. Zero. O. zzzzzzzzz - the Universe asleep.

But wait . .

10. Ten. From the Z-Row, the 0 or zero. In the face of the Nothng, the No-Thing, the One begins again.

11, El - the 'l' of loop of light, which, on our type-writers becomes identical to the 1 (one) and the I (eye), now regards and meets itself, as an equal (ELEVEN - EL EVEN). Poses the new Creation against the old ELEVEN is the master number of the mystery. ELEVEN - ELEVEN - ELEVEN. Again. Again. Again.

Now, 11 Dimensions. What is a dimension? Has anyone mentioned to you recently that you're going to die? Die-mention. From 'di-' or '-di-vide'. That is, your unity, your 'oneness', is pulled apart. Into 2.

But the first dimension already requires two. Two points. Through which a line is drawn. That line, usually called length, is Dimension One.

A third point is enough to create Dimension Two, the Plane, Length and Width.

Before we go further, let us discuss a general law for dimensions. For any N(number)-dimensional being, Time is the next dimension. Consider the experience of a One-Dimensional being when it encounters a 2nd Dimension. The line, Length, is crossed by Width. But since Length can only experience the point at which it's crossed, the crossing itself will occur in time.

To make this clearer, let's go to the 2nd Dimesnional Plane, and imagine it like a flat sheet of paper. Through the paper, a pencil is pushed. Our 2nd-Dimensional being will first see the pencil as a tiny circle of black (the graphite), which will gradually grow then suddenly turn brown (the wood), then yellow and angular (the painted length), before becoming round and bronze, then pink, and finally abruptly disappearing. In the 2nd Dimension, the 3rd Dimensional pencil is never seen as a whole, but only occurs as a two-dimensional event over a period of time.

When the fullness of the pencil (as breadth added to width and length) is added in, we have our familiar three dimensions of space, plus one dimension of time, making 4-Dimensional Space-Time.

What then happens in the 5th Dimension, when our familiar concept of time also becomes space? An example occurs in one of the novels of Kurt Vonnegut, in which his extra-terrestrial characters, called Tralfamadorians, see each other spread out across their entire life-times, 'with baby-feet at one end, and wrinkled old-persons' feet at the other'. Past and future have been condensed into the present. The Tralfamadorians are 5th- dimensional beings.

What then for them can the Time be as a 6th dimension? Remember that for us, time brings us new experience. For the Tralfamadorians, it is the same. Each other Tralfamadorian is equally co-present through it's entire lifeline, which means it's 'body' is wrapped through itself in various twists and turns. But the pattern of every Tralfamadorian is different than every other. Experiencing the uniqueness of another Tralfamadorian is for them an event in time.

So for us, as the 5th Dimension would require us to be co-present with all the past- and future-events of our lives, so the 6th Dimension would require us to be co-present with all the past and future events of everyone (at whatever level of consciousness) we would meet in one life.

Another way to express this is that 5th dimensional consciousness requires us to experience life from the perspective of the Soul, in which 'other lifetimes' becomes our past and future. While 6th dimensional consciousness requires us to experience life from the perspective of the 'Group Soul', as the experience of all souls which we meet.

Surely all of us have flashes of 5th dimensional consciousness. 'Oh, I can remember when I was burnt at the stake', or 'I watched the Christ at Golgotha'. And in the 6th Dimension where 'it was as if I was both the victim being burned and also one of the crowd laughing and taunting'.

But what then can be the experience of Time in the 7th Dimension? Here the quest for experience, for growth, has become the search for the patterns of things. 'I was both the victim and the executioner, and the crowd, but at the same time I was, or am, also the world in which there is no victim or executioner or onlooker, but only understanding and harmony'. In the 7th Dimension, Time is the search for Truth and Love. That experience too, emerges in us.

When Truth and Love is integrated into us, co-present at all times, what then is left for 8th Dimensional Time? Here the search, as the figure 8 represents, is for all the patterns of possibility in which Love and Truth reign to be co-present. All possibilities of the Imagination (I-Magi-Nation) are now fulfilled.

How then can there be a 9th Dimension? What is left to seek or experience? Completion, or the reversal of time to the Beginning, in which there is only not now, but never has been, pain or separation. Here we discover that the pain has been necessary, the 'grain of sand in the oyster of the universe', to produce the pearl of consciousness. But in full compassionate understanding of all the experiences of all the souls that ever have been or could have been, the universe has fulfilled itself, mollified all its impulses of quest and growth. There is nothing left but the One. And the One, paradoxically, is the Zero, the Nothing.

And it is exactly that paradox, and the understanding of it, which is Time in the 10th Dimension. Note that Ten is the bringing together of the One and the No-One, or None. In the 10th Dimension, we both are, and are not, seem and do not seem to be, in all ways, and in none. In the acceptance of this ultimate unity of Reality and Illusion, are we not then finished? Why would we need an 11th Dimension?

Because the One seeks the One. The Other One. The 1 and the I, or the I (eye) and the I (eye), are the 11. The final dimensional consciousness that because there is 'another one', we will always choose to do this again. To voyage back through the 2 through the 9, 11 to 19, 21 through 29, ad infinitum. Or, add infinitum. Our 11-dimensional universe now holds all possibilities in all times. Every higher dimension from 11 drops back into the experience of the One facing the One, the Eleven.

Note that in Physics, the ideas of String Theory have also yielded an 11-Dimensional Universe (or Multiverse), by following out the same logic physically and mathematically which we have followed spiritually, mentally and numerologically. And arrived at the same place. But then, the root idea of the New Physics, that 'everything is made of vibrating strings,' is only what the hippies were saying in the '60's - "it's all vibes, man!"

Before we're done, lets follow one more trail to the same place. Note that each dimension in turn is created by posing a line at 90° angles to the all the preceding dimensions. From a point, width is at 90° to length, and breadth at 90° to both length and width. But when we try to imagine 4-dimensional space, or our familiar 'time-line' from past to future being spatialized at 90° to the rest of 3-dimensional space, our minds go a little nuts. From that point-source (0 dimensions) from which the first 3 dimensions extended, the 4th dimension twists and turns helplessly seeking a place to be at 90° to the preceding lines. In that twisting and turning, that 'seeking to be', it carries our minds back into the point-source. Try this yourself; you'll feel your body twisting and turning as you try to imagine the 4th dimension moving outward somewhere among the previous 3. It cannot, it must go in. And we breathe a sigh of relief when our consciousness goes in - into the point or into the Source to find the higher dimensions.

In short our multi-dimensional universe, whether in the version of the yogi-mystic or that of the hard-headed physicist, is enfolded INSIDE US. We have come back to the wisdom written at the entrance to Dante's Inferno: Our consciousness is able to touch, though not of course fully comprehend, all of the 11 Dimensions. THE WAY IN IS THE WAY OUT (of all our dilemmas). Enjoy 11/11/11, as we meet each other as alternative versions of ourselves."

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