Monday, July 2, 2012

"On Spiritual Ecology"

Wow, It's been quite a while since I have put a new post up here, but then I guess - time being what it is - it's all NOW anyway, and so this is right on time... I was just reading an article, "On Spiritual Ecology" by L. Vaughan-Lee, that my 10th grade English teacher posted on facebook. (She and I happened into each other at a dream conference about 5+ years ago - what a pleasant surprise!). The article pretty much addresses the reason I created this blog, and comes from a more academic background than mine, obviously. I am inspired by this article in its honesty and clarity, and I hope you will be as well. Here is a short excerpt, and I will paste a link below it for you to click on. Enjoy, and please feel free to share your thoughts and impressions! (Be sure to click on to part 2!)
"...we’ve got to change the story or change the dream. We are completely caught by the dream that corporations have created for us to live in. I call it the nightmare of materialism, the dream that grips humanity and people around the world. You have hundreds of millions of people in China and India now being drawn into this nightmare, consuming more stuff as fast as they can. And the planet doesn’t have enough resources for it to unfold. Somehow we have to change the collective dream that holds humanity...."
"On Spiritual Ecology"

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  1. Wonderful and important read. Thanks so much for sharing. The quote which affected me most deeply was this......

    "In spiritual traditions the outer world always reflects changes that take place in the inner dimension. Just as we speak of reaching an outer environmental tipping point where we are in unchartered territory from which we cannot return, we are approaching an inner tipping point of losing access to the sacred substance in creation. "


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